Andriod Testing


“Testing is of equal importance to the design, content and implementation of technology during the development of new software.”

If you are looking for software testing services from expert consultants with a wide rangeof experience of delivering Performance and Functional Testing solutions for everything from Legacy ERP applications to the latest SOA and Cloud based applications, you havecome to the right place.

Functional Testing

If you develop, enhance and implement applications that need to be updated regularly, quickly and that are important for your business success you will understand the importance of testing that they function correctly.

Performance Testing

We are the masters in Performance testing and we strive hard to deliver a 100% bug free product to our customers.

Website and web application testing

We test web projects across many platforms and industry sectors, from microsites to e-commerce websites and CMS driven global brand websites

Mobile app and mobile web testing

Real world cross device mobile app and web testing for agencies, app developers, brands, handset manufacturers and operators.

Accessibility testing

Based on the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, our testers provide detailed accessibility feedback.

Penetration testing

Based on OWASP standards and supported by our CSTP certified testers, we provide a clear and practical approach to penetration testing.

Copy and content checking

Copy and content is important. It needs to be accurate and correct. E-learning material, micro sites or native apps, we’ve checked them all.