Software development

software product design and developement

We provide a host of software development services across multiple platforms, catering to both desktop and mobile users including application development, mobile app development, application reengineering and open source customisation.

1.Application development services

Jobuli is well versed in the area of application development with experience in providing end-to-end solutions for both large and small clients across geographies.

We have developed a host of applications, ranging from micro level software catering to local businesses to high end, large sized software for MNCs. At Jobuli, we understand our clients needs implicitly and develop to meet our customers requirements.

We have delivered a number of anywhere, anytime accessible web based and mobile solutions over the years that stand as a outlook to our capability and commitment towards developing, optimising and hosting web applications.

2.Application re-engineering services:

With the rapid advancement of technology, more and more enterprises are increasingly facing the challenge of updating their aged and obsolete software applications (legacy applications) which are absolutely vital for the organisation, but featuring elements that are unfriendly and intimidating to end users. Moreover, data that is absolutely essential and accumulated over the years cannot be discarded in favour of the latest technology.

Jobuli offers application reengineering services that rapidly analyses the intricacies of your legacy application and transform it to run on the contemporary platforms with highly optimised architectures, while simultaneously retaining and further enhancing the value of these applications. With our tested processes and expertise in tools and technology, we help to reengineer your software applications to contemporary and modern technologies.

3.Open source customisation services:

Jobuli has always excelled at using Open Source Software since our inception. We believe that these applications provide a host of advantages, including saving time and cost and enabling one to start a business easily. The only drawback is that these software solutions often require a high degree of customisation to guarantee quality.

We offer open source software customisation services across a series of verticals. Our highly trained and qualified customisation professionals include graphic designers and web developers who help our clients design templates, skins and in integrating and installing modules as per our customers' needs. We also undertake custom modification as and when our clients demand such services.